Laser Hair Removal Tips

Before Treatment

•It is important to shave 24 hours before your treatment.
•Shaving the same day as the treatment causes the skin to be more irritated and prone to reaction and necessitates the lowering of settings
•The Clinic cannot be responsible for shaving – it is up to the client to ensure that the treatment area is shaved 24 hours pre treatment. If the area is not prepared, we cannot do the treatment on the day.
•Your therapist must be advised of any change of medication since your last treatment.
•You must ensure fake tan is not present on day of treatment and has been removed at least 21 days before the date of your appointment.

Post Treatment

•When the treatment has been carried out the area which has been treated may be red and swollen – this can last from 2-3 hours up to 2-3 days.
•Please do not itch or wear tight fitting clothing on the treated area in order to avoid any further irritation.
•Aloe Vera should be applied to the treated area to help reduce discomfort.

For 24-48 following the treatment the activities listed below should NOT be done

•Do not have hot showers or baths – tepid water only.
•Do not use heat treatments such as sauna, jacuzzi or steam rooms.
•Avoid excessive sweating or workouts.
•Do not use deodorants, or perfumed or scented body lotions.
•Do not swim in chlorinated water.
•Avoid anything that will bring heat to the area.


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