An Alternative Treatment to Botox with Clodagh’s Laser and Skin Clinic

In the beauty world it seemed like 2017 was all about lip fillers and botox. If you’re one of the few who didn’t want to jump on the Kylie Jenner bandwagon, but still wanted fewer lines and more youthful looking skin, I may have found an alternative treatment to botox. A treatment that I wasn’t out searching for, but happened to stumble across – let’s call it faith!

I was at an event, where I was seated beside Clodagh Fassnidge of Clodaghs Laser and Skin Clinic. We got to talking about skin treatments and laser hair removal and I couldn’t help but notice Clodagh’s skin was absolutely flawless. I automatically assumed she had been getting botox treatments, as so many are these days. So, I asked her was she a fan of botox and what was her skin routine. With over 20 years in the beauty industry, Clodagh, was more than happy to share her secret with me – laser treatment and good products (Image Skincare).

I was intrigued but sceptical at the same time. Clodagh went on to invite me to her salon in Blanchardstown village to experience the treatment for myself. I accepted the offer and I’m in mid treatment, here’s how I got on during my first visit to Clodagh’s Laser and Skin Clinic.

Before Treatment

My main issue was the line across my forehead.

Moments After Treatment

Directly after the treatment you can still see the line in the photo above.

A Few Hours After Treatment

My main issue was the line across my forehead.

1 Day After Treatment

Directly after the treatment you can still see the line in the photo above.

4 Days After Treatment

Four days after the treatment the line is nowhere to be seen.

The Process

ResurFX is a very exclusive laser where it uses its beam to penetrate dermis and heats up the tissue and then initiate the process of formation of new collagen. The laser is moved around the target area, section by section. It enhances the blood circulation and in turn, helps in building collagen and rejuvenating the skin.

Is it Painful?

A numbing cream is applied to the target area 30 minutes prior to the treatment. The treatment itself is an uncomfortable process. It’s a fuzzy, hot and tingly sensation. In saying that, some areas I didn’t feel anything, while other areas (around the jawline especially) I could feel the laser penetrating through the skin but it only lasts for a second. In my opinion I didn’t find it all that bad, although I do have a high tolerance for pain. Let’s put it this way, I’d get it done again without batting an eyelid!

After the Treatment

My face was red and swollen, it looked like I had very bad sunburn. But it didn’t feel the way it looked, it wasn’t sensitive to touch or raw. I was going out that evening, the same day as the treatment, so the therapist asked if I wanted to take home some mineral foundation. My automatic response was, “No, I’m grand. I’m going to let me skin breath for the next couple of days”, but when I took a look in the mirror I quickly changed my mind.

It was my fist time seeing my face after the ResurFX treatment, I didn’t for one second think my face would be that red. It’s didn’t feel hot, irritated or uncomfortable, it just felt warm – so I was very surprised at my appearance. I took the foundation in the end!

Post care includes the use of sunscreen regularly, and daily moisturisation is also important with a good diet and plenty of water in- take.

The Results

I noticed result within a few hours. By day two my skin was absolutely glowing and flawless. My main issue was the line across my forehead and by day two it was gone. After a few weeks it started to reappear, not as deep as it originally was, but visible to the eye. Clodagh had explained prior to the treatment that deep lines and scars can take a number of sessions to remove. I was recommended 3-4 sessions for best results. I’m back in with the team on Monday 15th of January so I’ll keep you updated on results.

Clodagh and the team offer a personal service and a very high standard of treatments. 


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